Webinar: Decision-Making in a Crisis - Preparing for Your Next Tech Disaster

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Wed., Feb. 24, 2021, 11am to Noon

Online at http://mtug.webex.com

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Jamie Popkin, digital technology strategist and former vice president and research fellow at Gartner Inc. will bring the MTUG audience through a tabletop exercise of rapid decision-making using the OODA Loop approach in IT.

The acceleration of digital business has been turbo-charged by the COVID pandemic. Innovative and leading edge technologies surrounding work-at-home, online customer support and the move to all-digital commerce has overwhelmed the decision-making capabilities of many organizations.

In this session we will introduce an approach for applying Colonel John Boyd’s OODA Loop to your decision-making processes.


Jamie Popkin

Former Vice President & Research Fellow, Gartner Research / Independent Consultant Specializing in Digital Business Strategy

Jamie Popkin is a digital business strategist specializing in business intelligence and advanced analytics. He was formerly a Vice President and Gartner Fellow at Gartner Research and a former Chairman of Gartner Symposium/ITexpo in the US and Japan, and ran Gartner Research in Asia/Pacific and Japan. Jamie is the co-author of "IT and the East: How China and India are Altering the Future of Technology and Innovation" and was the founder of the Gartner China Outsourcing Summit. Jamie has been an MTUG board member since 2019, and was the MTUG Summit Keynote speaker in 2016. Jamie and his wife live in southern mid coast Maine.

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[PDF] Decision-Making in a Crisis - Prep for your Next Tech Disaster - Jamie Popkin