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Jul 01
MTUG Events

MTUG Summer Webinar #1 - How to Create an Incident Response Exercise

11 AM to Noon. Online at


Please join MTUG and some folks from the Maine Chapter of ISC(2) to learn how to build an Incident Response exercise for your organization. Such exercises are key to understanding how prepared you and your team are for the next, inevitable breach.

This webinar will show you:

  • How to set objectives and goals for the exercise.
  • How to build an engaging story to draw in participants.
  • How to operate the exercise to get maximum value for the time and effort spent.

Questions and scenarios from attendees encouraged!

About (ISC)2 Maine:
(ISC)² is an international nonprofit committed to helping their members learn, grow, and thrive in the information #security industry. The (ISC)2 Maine Chapter meets once a month from...
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Jul 28
MTUG Events

MTUG Summer Webinar #2 - Accelerating Tech Internships in Maine

11 AM to Noon. Online at


Tech industry internships are a vital way to help new career professionals step into the industry and shape their education to better serve their future employers. What's involved with establishing technology internships? And what can it do for your organization, and the quality and stability of your future workforce?

Please join us for a dive into internship mechanics and case studies during this MTUG webinar featuring the career and internship experts from Educate Maine and Project>Login -- More details to come!

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And more events to come!

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