DNS New World Order -- QuadX! DoH! DoT!

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Wed., May. 27, 2020, 11am to Noon

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DNS is the fundamental glue that makes the Internet function, but it often goes unloved — unless you are an ISP looking to further monetize subscribers, or you are trying to track malware on your network. Recently, new ways to provide and secure DNS for end-users have been created and are being rolled out in some browsers. Additionally, there are multiple vendors offering the use of easy to remember public DNS resolvers. This talk will cover the technical aspects of DNS over HTTPS (DoH), DNS over TLS (DoT), original RFC882 DNS, and discuss various privacy and operations challenges that are looming.

MTUG thanks volunteer board member Austin Brower for assistance coordinating this session.


James Troutman

Consultant, Director at Northern New England Neutral Internet Exchange (NNENIX)

James Troutman is an independent Information Technology consultant with over 30 years of experience. He has held a variety of roles in engineering, operations and management, and has worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes, including a number of Internet Service Providers, some of which he co-founded.

Jim is also a volunteer Director and co-founder of the Northern New England Neutral Internet Exchange or NNENIX (neee-nicks), a not-for-profit resource for better Internet connectivity and reliability in Maine and the northeast.

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[PDF] James Troutman - DNS New World Order - QuadX - DoH - DoT!

[PDF] James Troutman - Intro to NNENIX (Northern New England Neutral Internet Exchange)