Mid-Summer Webinar - Accelerating Tech Internships in Maine

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Wed., Jul. 28, 2021, 11 AM to Noon

Online at http://mtug.webex.com

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Tech industry internships are a vital way to help new career professionals step into the industry and shape their education to better serve their future employers.

What's involved with establishing technology internships? And what can it do for your organization, and the quality and stability of your future workforce?

Please join us for a dive into internship mechanics and case studies during this MTUG webinar featuring the career and internship experts from Educate Maine's Project>Login and Maine Career Catalyst programs. Questions accepted in advance! Email programs@mtug.org, or enter your question in the comments area of our LinkedIn Event listing here.

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Kate Howell

Maine Career Catalyst Program Director, Educate Maine

Kate has worked in Human Resources and career leadership roles throughout her career. Prior to joining Educate Maine, Kate was HR Generalist at a biotech company in Portland focusing on recruitment, career development, and university relations. She led the national university relations program and brings a wealth of knowledge in the area of internship programming and university partnerships. Kate holds a BS in Business from Syracuse University and an SCP certification from the Society for Human Resources Management. Kate lives in Kennebunk.

Angela Oechslie

Project>Login Program Director, Educate Maine

Angela brings a decade of workforce development experience and statewide relationships to her role with the Project>Login program. Previously, she was a Workforce Development Specialist at Eastern Maine Development Corporation and Workforce Coordinator at the Tri-County Workforce Investment Board, and has worked on several jobs-related federal grant programs. She is past-chair of the steering committee for Building Bridges, a business and education partnership through the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce. Angela is passionate about matching students and adults with educational programs and quality job opportunities in Maine. She holds a BS in Business Administration from the University of Maine at Augusta, an MS in Organizational Communication from Murray State University, and lives in the Bangor region.

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[PDF] - Tech Internships in Maine - Angela Oechslie, Project Login - Kate Howell, Maine Career Catalyst