Webinar: Legal Considerations for Technology Contracting

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Wed., Jan. 27, 2021, 11am to Noon

Online at http://mtug.webex.com

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As businesses rely more and more on third party software, data, and technology in order to function, those third parties have become increasingly critical to ongoing operations, security, and legal compliance. In this presentation, attorneys Kyle Glover (Pierce Atwood) and Kara Alesi (IDEXX) will discuss the legal considerations in entering into contracts with these third parties and how businesses and IT and technology professionals can work to better protect against these risks and ensure efficient and effective management.


Kara Alesi

Associate General Counsel, IDEXX Laboratories

Kara Alesi is Associate General Counsel at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. Kara advises IDEXX on a broad range of commercial matters and supports strategic contract negotiations. Prior to her role at IDEXX, Kara was in-house counsel at a digital advertising agency and an associate in the technologies transactions group at a large law firm.

Kyle Glover

IP & Technology Partner, Pierce Atwood

Kyle Glover is a partner at Pierce Atwood LLP and a faculty member at the Harvard Negotiation Institute. Kyle assists clients with a wide range of matters related to the negotiation of complex technology, data, and intellectual property transactions. In addition to his subject-matter and legal expertise, Kyle advises his clients on negotiation strategy throughout the contract life cycle, including advising on contract set-up and structure, process, and substantive contract issues.

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[PDF] Legal Considerations for Tech Contracting -- Kyle Glover and Kara Alesi