2020-06-18-MTUG Supports July 14, 2020 Internet Broadband Bond Referendum


The Maine Technology Users Group (MTUG) has long supported infrastructure that allows our constituency of Maine technology professionals and Maine communities to thrive in an information-powered economy.

MTUG supports the upcoming High-Speed Internet Infrastructure Bond question on the July 14, 2020 statewide ballot. We hope that the our broader communities of tech professionals will too.

We are among a broad, diverse coalition of individuals, businesses, organizations and communities supporting this $15 million bond question. The $15 million bond will be matched by $30 million in private, federal and local support, tripling the impact of this investment, in addition to strengthening information infrastructure that will grow the economy, create jobs, and improve educational access and outcomes particularly in rural Maine.

Here is the bond question, as it will appear on the July 14 ballot:

“Do you favor a $15,000,000 bond issue to invest in high-speed internet infrastructure for unserved and underserved areas, to be used to match up to $30,000,000 in federal, private, local or other funds?”

Access to high speed internet has become critical to daily life. Everyone needs access, particularly during the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, and in the changed economic and workforce landscape that will persist beyond. Small businesses depend on high speed internet to stay open and create jobs during emergencies, and power the economy all other times. High speed internet can help ensure students can access education even when they must stay home. This broadband plan focuses on rural Maine and helps close the gap with other parts of the state.

If you are also interested in supporting this campaign and learning more about improving connectivity in future initiatives, please contact Nick Battista at nbattista@islandinstitute.org, or visit www.betterinternetformaine.org .