WEBINAR 3: 5G Deployment Strategies, Capabilities, & Use Cases

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Wed., Nov. 13, 2019, 11:00am to Noon

Online at http://mtug.webex.com

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Telecom industry leaders Joshua Broder, CEO of Tilson Technology Management, and Thomas Hulings, Senior Manager of Business Strategy, U.S. Cellular, take a detailed look at 5G capabilities, deployment strategies, and use cases.

Thomas Hulings discusses the capabilities of 5G and how these capabilities are enabling new use cases across a diverse range of industries and segments. Specific use cases covered include Broadband Fixed Wireless Access, Education and Healthcare. Thomas also discusses the timing of 5G and evolution of 5G networks.

Joshua Broder describes 5G networks, provides an overview of how they will be delivered, and provides some technical details and use cases about the next generation of fixed and mobile wireless tech. At the time of this presentation, Tilson was deploying 5G networks for several major carriers, as well as consulting with business and government users on how to leverage these networks. Josh provides some field notes about pilot projects and some of the first commercial scale deployments.

MTUG thanks our board members Michael Begin and Tonia Ennis for arranging the speaker and topic for this session.


Joshua Broder

CEO, Tilson Technology

Joshua Broder is CEO of Maine headquartered Tilson, with more than 550 employees in 23 regional offices, Tilson is on a mission to build America's information infrastructure, deploying fiber and wireless networks and consulting with local, state and federal agencies, construction companies on information infrastructure, including networks, information system implementation, information security, and the Microsoft Azure environment. Josh is also the founder and CEO of a national public utility called SQF, LLC which develops 5G and IoT infrastructure. Josh cut his teeth in leadership as an Army Signal Officer on missions world-wide, building and operating the first nation-wide IP network in Afghanistan.

Thomas Hulings

Senior Manager of Business Strategy & Ecosystem Development, U.S. Cellular

As Senior Manager of Business Strategy and Ecosystem Development, Tom oversees the evaluation of new business opportunities, monitors competitive activity, and provides strategic analysis and consulting expertise to the U.S. Cellular executive team. Current areas of focus include 5G and spectrum acquisition. Tom has been with U.S. Cellular for three years, having previously worked in Marketing Product Strategy helping to launch new products including RCS advanced messaging. Prior to U.S. Cellular, Tom worked spent over 15 years as a strategy consultant to clients across the technology and telecom value chains including Verizon, Sprint, Nokia and Google.

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[PDF] Joshua Broder, Tilson - 5G Discussion

[PDF] Thomas Hulings, US Cellular - Introduction to 5G

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(All presenter content is posted "as-is" and does not reflect the opinions of or any endorsement by MTUG, its board members, or constituents.)