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Network Engineer

Windham, ME

Contact Details

  • Company: SystemArchitecture.NET
  • Contact Name: Jaime Brown
  • Contact Email:
  • Career Website:
  • Contact Phone: 8004712128

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Employer's Job Description

The Network Engineer is responsible for providing continuous user support to SystemArchitecture.NET and its clients. The Network Engineer is responsible for system network and design expertise, identifying problem areas (including but not limited to network and infrastructure and servers) and identifying ways to enhance and improve existing systems. The ideal candidate will be responsible for prioritizing work and tasks for assigned client(s). Assisting with proposals and time estimates for the sales, engineering and pre-engineering teams are also part of the expertise required. System Architecture Engineers provide onsite troubleshooting repair and upgrades for clients as necessary.

Responsibilities and Major Duties

  • Provides analysis of clients’ system status.
  • Reviews utilization of clients’ Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.
  • Conducts configuration review and inspection.
  • Analyzes system status.
  • Establishes and reviews system/user requirements.
  • Conducts network audits.
  • Documents client’s IT assets.
  • Works with sales staff to identify client solutions.
  • Receives e-mail or telephone requests from clients to resolve IT issues.
  • Collect information related to client’s problem or concern.
  • Tests potential solutions.
  • Communicates and documents resolution.
  • Attends client meetings in support of business development.
  • Provides recommendations for hardware, software and other resources.
  • Maintains confidentiality at all times.
  • Promotes positive internal and external working relationships.
  • Demonstrates ability to organize tasks and set priorities.
  • Assumes responsibility for ongoing personal and professional growth and development.
  • Contributes to performanace improvement activities.
  • Participates in department planning activities, if requested.
  • Performs other duties, as assigned.