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Jr Architect


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  • Company: Vantage Point Recruiting
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Employer's Job Description

Long term contract, ~1year. Location will start remote but shift to a hybrid, onsite (Augusta, ME)/remote

This position will work collaboratively to increase the quality in all aspects of the clients systems.

Your Duties will include:

  • You will help create, socialize, and coach standards and processes for the purpose of increasing quality in our applications.
  • You will help identify architecture needs and design solutions which will help inform strategic direction by making recommendations and highlighting tradeoffs.
  • You will help more junior members of the team through code review, mentoring, Pair programming, Mob programming, Software Craftmanship.
  • You will be instrumental in remediating and refactoring current deficiencies (technical debt) in our code base.

Your experience should include:

  • Application Modernization. Experience breaking monolithic systems into distributed services architecture
  • Understand and are conversant in software architecture and patterns of software architecture.
  • Expert level experience in Microsoft Technologies e.g. .Net Framework v4.0 or above, C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Web API, MVC, Entity Framework
  • Experience with SOA/REST Services/Web API/Microservices
  • Hands-on experience with general Internet technologies (CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Angular), web standards and internet protocols
  • Experience with Cloud Technologies e.g. Azure or AWS ecosystems
  • Experience as a Technical Coach, embedding quality into teams’ work
  • Experience in embedding Agile Testing practices including ATDD/BDD/TDD.
  • Experience in Continuous Integration and Delivery and other DevOps practices
  • You have taken a hands-on approach in embedding practices. That is, you should still be able to code
  • Proven experience as a Team Coach including Product Management, Delivery areas, and Supporting IT roles
  • Proven experience transforming teams to Agile / Scrum / XP from waterfall or other methodologies
  • Proven leadership experience in IT delivery, building and sustaining high performing teams
  • Demonstrated ability to learn and adapt to new technologies
  • Excellent Communication and Partnership skills
  • Relevant industry certifications

About you:

  • You hold yourself accountable for delivering quality results
  • You work well with teams and enjoy helping those around you improve
  • You have a growth mindset
  • You thoroughly understand and can demonstrate the value of software craftmanship
  • You are willing and open to trying new solutions
  • You have a proven ability to manage technical debt
  • You are able to influence people around you i.e. you’re a team player
  • You have the ability to work through conflict both with team members and customers
  • You have Critical Thinking skills and use various techniques for problem solving

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