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Software Developer I


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  • Company: Vantage Point Recruiting
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Employer's Job Description

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Using Oracle Analytics and Oracle Data Visualizer:
  • Quarterback development of custom client reporting based on dynamic client needs and situations – data types include budget, accounting and human resources data
  • Drive insights, conclusions, forecasts based on data and analysis to serve business decisions and answer client questions
  • Assist end users with the development of data analyses, dash boards, visualizations and reporting.
  • Train end user data consumers on report and dashboard development and the use of un-governed data sources.


  • Strong SQL Skills is a must
  • Bachelor’s degree in a quantitative discipline (Math, Economics, Engineering, Computer Science, or related fields) highly preferred, though other degrees eligible with demonstrated competency in the role
  • Any experience, using the Oracle BI and Oracle Analytics toolset preferably including business analysis, data management, and reporting experiences
  • Any experience working in the field of Data Warehousing and Analytics
  • Collaborative, team player able to work effectively with colleagues, management team and other stakeholders in other departments
  • Self-motivated; able to work autonomously in a collaborative environment
  • Curiosity and passion about data, visualization and solving problems
  • Comfort in working with End Users to solve problems

Top 3 Skills:

  1. Oracle Analytics
  2. SQL / PL SQL
  3. Communications

To apply, please send Resume & Cover Letter to: