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Data Engineer

Portland, ME

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Employer's Job Description

Position Summary: The Data Engineer will participate in the development, expansion and upkeep of data information needs and flow within the predefined architecture at Martin’s Point. They will obtain an understanding of source applications for data and will develop the most effective approach to ensure that recipients are able to receive and access data in the most effective manner. They will have a working knowledge of tools utilized for data extraction and transfer, the standards utilized for the movement of data as well as the database design for any ‘staging’ necessary to support data accessibility. They will work with the data integration team to develop the systematic approach in support of assigned projects/work. Key Outcomes: • Participates in the development, testing, implementation and maintenance of uni-directional and bi-directional interfaces in support of information needs within Martin’s Point application environment. • Understands basic data extraction and data transfer tools utilized at Martin’s Point and is able to utilize those tools. • Utilizes data storage, access and transfer policies and procedures instituted. • Analyzes the use of data within Martin’s Point for an assigned project and will develop integration methods in support of that projects data needs. • Designs and builds data integration methods to guarantee accuracy as well as accessibility of all valuable data while understanding what data is important for that project and why. • Creates and maintains accurate and relevant network documentation including diagrams, as-built documents, configuration templates, inventories and IT Service Catalog. • Participates in after-hours work as needed • Participates in Process Improvements and other duties as assigned Required Education/Experience: • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or combination of relevant and equivalent education and experience • 3+ years of data integration experience • Educational/professional experience in SQL database design and Service Oriented Architecture • Educational/professional experience with Unix, SQL, Oracle, TCL as well as other scripting languages • Knowledge of HL7\FHIR interface development and deployment