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Voice Engineer

Bangor/Portland, ME

Contact Details

  • Company: MOUNTAIN, LTD.
  • Contact Name: Karen Green
  • Contact Email:
  • Career Website:
  • Contact Phone: 207-482-7039

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Employer's Job Description

MOUNTAIN, LTD. has an opening for Voice Engineer in the Bangor, New Gloucester, or Portland, ME area.  Since 1979, MOUNTAIN, LTD. has successfully created and supported turnkey engineering solutions for traditional and wireless telecom providers across the United States. We are a national leader in the industry, providing high-quality engineering, on-time service delivery, and skilled personnel paired with innovative technology and creative solutions. Specialties include OSP/ISP engineering, design, permitting, right-of-way and CAD for traditional and wireless telecommunications companies. 

Minimum of five years of relevant technical experience

Voice Engineer is responsible for projects and tasks related to the voice switch network, hosted PBX platform and voice application systems.

Also includes:

- Design, and planning for maintenance, improvements, capacity and upgrades for the relevant systems.

- Executing projects to augment and enhance the network or voice systems.

- Travel to client properties in New England territory and West Virginia is required.

Essential Job Functions:
• Tasks related to evolving the voice network to VOIP and consolidating switching platforms
• Plans, designs, and coordinates augments and rearrangements to the existing voice switch infrastructure, including TDM, SIP, Hosted PBX and periphery systems such as voicemail
• Maintain spares inventory, network redundancy and sufficient capacity for voice switching infrastructure
• Technical assistance and support to other teams for major systems improvements
• Maintains drawings and documentation concerning all MACD activities for the voice network
• Define technical requirements concerning the voice infrastructure
• Assisting numbering inventory and reporting, NPA/NXX updates.
•Work with  IXCs to interconnect with network.
• May assist with complex translations (HPNA, NXX, COS, Prefix, address, orig tables, AMA, LNP, etc.)
• Perform analysis utilizing CDR and call accounting systems
• Knowledge of SIP Signaling and Call Flows
• Knowledge of HPBX platforms
• Responsible for performing central office installation and repair work.
• Manage customer issues 
• Be on an on call rotation and must be able to work over-time and off shift hours.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Knowledge of rural and competitive telephone operations and subscriber services preferred.
•  IP voice systems and SIP preferred
• Experience with equal-access and presubscription process and complex translations
• Experience with Broadsoft and Metaswitch preferred
• Knowledge of industry standards and best common procedures
• Problem solving and troubleshooting skills
• Ability to communicate with customers, co-workers, and various business contacts in a professional and courteous manner.
• Ability to follow written and oral instructions.
• Ability to pay close attention to detail and schedules.
• Ability to effectively function as a team player.
• Ability to work nights and weekends when required
• Travel throughout the northeast frequently and occasional travel beyond the northeast required
• Must have a valid driver’s license.


Education: 2 or 4 year technical degree preferred, high school diploma required.

If interested please send your resume to