IT Coordinator

Portland, ME

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  • Company: Vigilant Capital Management, LLC
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Job Description


  • Maintain a sound technology infrastructure for the firm, through a combination of onsite and offsite support efforts
  • Oversee the firm’s offsite technology vendors to include IT MSP, ISP, VoIP/mobile phones, video/teleconference, printer, eFax, cable TV, security, and other related providers
    • Manage and evaluate vendor relationships and solutions, keep up-to-date on new capabilities and service offerings
    • Ensure service standards and contractual agreements are satisfied among external vendors, and critical applications and equipment are performing effectively for end users
    • Follow up and follow through with issues that arise, facilitate cohesiveness between IT MSP and other providers to achieve optimum support/results for the firm and it’s end users
    • Review product and service offerings – present proposals to senior management for adoption of new technology/services
    • Partner with vendors to educate and roll out new products and services to staff
    • Research alternatives and present solutions for consideration, as needed
    • Negotiate contract terms and adequately plan and prepare for contract renewals
    • First point of contact for reviewing and approving associated invoice charges, as necessary for more complex relationships
  • Onsite technology support to include
    • Manage the installation, maintenance, replacement of all local technology hardware
    • Track local inventory and age of equipment on asset inventory lists (e.g., laptops, towers, tablets, VoIP phone, mobile phones, Wi-Fi devices, networking and workstation equipment)
    • Maintain up-to-date network maps
    • Configure new devices, workstation setup and cloud computing environment for end users, train and provide access for new users
    • Remove access to applications for terminated users, securely destroy or wipe/redeploy equipment as appropriate
    • Ensure software and operating system updates are occurring, and that two-factor authentication and all other necessary security settings are satisfactorily in place
    • Provide onsite support to external vendors and end users, troubleshoot as needed in order to provide and effective and efficient work environment
    • Develop/maintain IT Handbook, document/implement IT related procedures and best practices
    • Provide training to new users as well as updated training for existing users
    • Make content updates to firm website, assist with Google analytics reporting, key word searches, etc.
  • Oversee the firm’s Cyber Security Policy/program
    • Use industry, government, legal, and third party resources to stay current on cybersecurity threats and new regulations
    • Work closely with Chief Compliance Officer to ensure the firm’s information technology practices are in compliance with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory bodies
    • Update/maintain the Cyber Security Policy & supporting documents as necessary for new threats, regulations and best practices
    • Identify, analyze, prioritize risks facing the firm and formulate a response where appropriate
    • Track actual cybersecurity events that impact the firm
    • Perform periodic testing of back up restore/ business continuity/ disaster recovery/ incident response plan, document results and implement changes as necessary
    • Perform cybersecurity related vendor due diligence
    • Conduct initial employee cybersecurity training and facilitate ongoing training through IT MSP
    • Assist with creation of client facing cybersecurity awareness publications
  • Prepare necessary IT/cybersecurity related information in the event of a regulatory examination, analyze results and implement areas for improvement as needed
  • Formulate forwar