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Office of Information Technology

Network Engineer and Architect - Information Technical Consultant

CLOSING:  March 8, 2019


The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is seeking a highly talented and experienced Network Engineer and Architect.  This position requires an individual who is highly proficient in Cisco LAN/WAN networking with experience in a Cisco centric data center.

We need a candidate who is knowledgeable with existing and emerging implementation of on -premises and cloud-computing data center environments, load balancing, and firewall systems. This role provides an excellent opportunity to be a contributing team member, and to provide collaborative technical direction of meaningful work with highly qualified IT Cisco and network experts.  The role will assist in engineering, installing, and maintaining enterprise level core Cisco networks. 


  • Have fun and work with an outstanding team of IT professionals – you will share knowledge and you will learn about the most complex IT systems in the State of Maine.
  • Solve problems and use your skills to contribute directly to solutions that make a difference.
  • Perform a full range of system administration functions from design, acquire, configure, install, monitor, and maintain Cisco routed networks and switch fabric as well as Cisco Identity Service Engine (ISE), DNA Center and Stealthwatch.
  • Share technical knowledge about Cisco switches and routers and other data communication software and hardware. This includes data center hardware and software.
  • Develop complex reports and provide solutions to current network slowness or crashes.
  • Develop and maintain configuration standards, documentation of network devices, including servicing and upgrading of equipment. 
  • Create and maintain overall network topologies and makes appropriate changes when design changes.


  • Evaluating, developing and implementing policies to define enterprise level Cisco’s Identity Service Engine (ISE) environments.  Possess prior experience in Cisco DNA center or Cisco Prime infrastructure.
  • Utilizing network performance monitoring tools to identify trends and use problem-solve skills and technical knowledge to address system bottle necks. 
  • Engineering, maintenance, troubleshooting all aspects of Cisco wired and wireless networks
  • Engineering Data Center, WLAN, WAN, MAN and LAN topology designs.
  • Collaborating with executive members of Maine OIT and other State agencies to develop solutions to emerging technological needs as well as resolution of network degradation.
  • Providing key technical knowledge and suggestions to other team members, and consult with senior IT leaders to share advice and information about best practices for decision-making.


To be successful the selected candidate must be highly trained and experienced in Cisco routing, switching and management systems, be able to solve complex network issues, provide sound judgement and analysis, and offer viable solutions. The preferred candidate will also be able to demonstrate an advanced ability to produce detailed documentation and written directions.  This role requires an understanding of networking performance management/capacity planning, hardware and software configurations, integrations, and all facets of implementation.

We need a candidate to deliver and contribute as a positive team player, a person who understands system associated security risks, and will make decisions to effectively improve work performance levels. We need a person skilled to develop