Data Scientist 2

South Portland, ME

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WEX Inc is a provider of payment processing and information management services spanning multiple industries including Fleet, Healthcare and Travel with headquarters across the globe, including in Maine, London, Rome and Singapore.

With each of our industry segments come rich data ecosystems that are proving to be abundant veins of capabilities and insights allowing us to solve decade old problems and enabling our team to spearhead the launch of new products that help our customers understand, optimize and streamline their businesses while ensuring that WEX stays ahead of its competitors.

As a Data Scientist on the ClearView team at WEX in South Portland, Maine, you will be at the heart of this product and insight revolution. You will be part of a highly energetic and innovative team that believes that nothing is impossible with creativity and hard work.

Experimentation and exploration are at the core of what you do. In this role, you will work to effectively turn business questions into data analysis and provide meaningful recommendations on strategy.

We are looking for a high-energy self-starter with a passion for data science, attention to detail, and a positive attitude. You must enjoy diving deep into data sets and finding interesting patterns through analytical experiments run in a methodical way. 

Performance Objectives: 

The Ideal Candidate will have the opportunity to: 

  • Design, develop and program methods, processes, and systems to consolidate and analyze unstructured, diverse “big data” sources to generate actionable insights and solutions for client services and product enhancement. 
  • Interact with product and service teams to identify questions and issues for data analysis and experiments.
  • Develops and codes software programs, algorithms and automated processes to cleanse, integrate and evaluate large data sets from multiple disparate sources and identify meaningful insights from large data and metadata sources. Interpret and communicate insights and findings from analysis and experiments to product, service, and business managers. 
  • Conduct data analysis to make business recommendations.
  • Acquire, manage and use data to inform business decisions and product design.
  • Design models and statistical analyses to answer specific questions for internal and external customers.
  • Deliver effective presentations of findings and recommendations to multiple levels of leadership, creating visual displays of quantitative information.
  • Build relevant ETL pipelines to transform raw data and calculate model features.
  • Develop and automate algorithms, interactively build and prototype dashboards to provide insights at scale, solving for analytical needs.
  • Collaborate with engineering team to implement algorithms in production and productize prototype R&D solutions.
  •  Construct and fit statistical, machine learning and optimization models.

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