Keenan Technologies, LLC

  • Website:
  • Contact Email:
  • Phone: 207.464.0639
  • Address: 91 Stroudwater Pl, Westbrook, ME
  • Industry Sector / Subsector: TECHNOLOGY: Services & Equipment
  • Services / Products: EQUIPMENT: Cabling Infrastructure,EQUIPMENT: Desktop / Laptop Sales and Service,INFRASTRUCTURE: Email Services,INFRASTRUCTURE: Hosted Solutions,INFRASTRUCTURE: Servers,INFRASTRUCTURE: Support Services,INFRASTRUCTURE: System Integration,INFRASTRUCTURE: Traditional LAN/WAN Solutions,INFRASTRUCTURE: VPN / Remote Access,INFRASTRUCTURE: Wireless LAN/WAN Solutions,OTHER: Consulting,SECURITY: Network Security
  • Company Description:

    Keenan Technologies, LLC offers professional IT solutions to businesses with 1 to 100 employees in the greater Portland and Lewiston/ Auburn region.

    The staff at Keenan Technologies treats every single client as if they held stock in their company. They take great strides to make sure they understand their client’s technological needs and help them find cost-effective solutions to those IT issues. We will never have them buy gadgets or software for the sake of having new un-needed technology. Keenan Technologies becomes their IT partner. They are their representative to their vendors when troubles come up.

    We often work with the owner or office manager and take care of their technological needs while they take care of their business needs. If you hear things like, I am not sure why we needed this, or my guy said this would fix my problem, but it did not OR, we need a new IT guy! You can confidently tell them that Keenan Technologies is a great partner in all aspects IT.

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