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  • Contact Email:
  • Contact Person(s): Jason Sgro
  • Phone: (603) 501-0003
  • Address: 33 Jewel Court, Portsmouth, NH 03801
  • Industry Sector / Subsector: TECHNOLOGY: Application & Web Development
  • Services / Products: SECURITY: Application Security,SECURITY: Network Security,SECURITY: Physical Security
  • Company Description:

    ATOM builds software. At ATOM we believe in a world where we can trust the technology we build. We are one of the East Coast's premier custom software shops. ATOM does all of its security and compliance work in house, and we have the leadership skills to make sure your organization is ready to make full use of the technology we develop. Our philosophy is experience, with over 800 customer engagements and 11 years in business working with companies sized from some of the fortune 500's biggest names to series A startups, we know a thing or two about how to build software right. All three of our partners are former founders of companies, so we know what is at stake. Whether it's web, mobile, or enterprise application development, we welcome the opportunity to become your trusted partner for all things software and security.

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