Building Reliable Serverless Applications - Gunnar Grosch, AWS Serverless Hero

Tue., November 10, 2020, 6:30 PM

LOCATION: Online via Meetup registration

Presentation(s): Building reliable serverless applications

Serverless and fully managed services give you high availability and robustness out of the box, but even though every piece of your architecture might be resilient to failure you still need to use well-architected patterns and practices to make your application reliable. In this session, we'll dive headfirst into the world of robustness, reliability, and resilience to examine some of the patterns and practices we use to build battle-tested serverless applications.

About the Presenter:

Gunnar is an AWS Serverless Hero and technical evangelist based in Sweden. He has previously worked as both a frontend and backend developer, as an operations engineer within cloud infrastructure, and as a technical trainer, in addition to several different management roles.With a focus on building reliable and robust serverless applications, Gunnar has been one of the driving forces in creating techniques and tools for using chaos engineering in serverless. He regularly and passionately speaks at events on these and other serverless topics around the world. Gunnar is also deeply involved in the community by organizing AWS User Groups and Serverless Meetups in the Nordics, as well as being an organizer of ServerlessDays conferences and AWS Community Day Nordics.

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