Google Analytics

Wed., October 7, 2020, 12:00 PM

LOCATION: Webinar via Zoom

The Google Analytics live webinar with Nathan O’Leary will help you get the most from your web traffic sources. Learn how to analyze your traffic and make sense out of the data you collect. With a few simple steps, you can have your Google Analytics up and running. Stay competitive by becoming proficient with this free tool. Event sponsored by Mainely SEO.

Topics include:

• Installing Google Analytics
• What Your Results Mean
• How to Analyze Traffic Source
• How to Identify Quality Visitors
• How to See Top Content on Your Website
• Get The Most From Your Visitor Flow
• How to Prepare for Event & E-commerce Tracking

Don’t let the big words and industry speak intimidate you. Reporting is easy once you know what direction you want the graphs to go in! Hint: Bounce Rate? You want to go down. Unique Visitors? You want to steadily increase. Make the most out of your traffic!

Your Presenter:

Nathan O’Leary is the founder of Mainely SEO, a digital marketing firm specializing in SEO, social media and website design for small businesses.

With over 14 years of experience as an inbound marketing specialist, Nathan leads his team with creativity and enthusiasm. As an engaging speaker and consultant, Nathan is actively involved in several organizations, vital to Maine entrepreneurs and the local business community. He is the authorized local expert for Constant Contact, and a valued mentor of the Portland, Maine SCORE chapter, where he holds regular educational workshops and presentations. Nathan also owns and manages the Portland Old Port Facebook page, dedicated to keeping residents and tourists up to speed on local news and events.

When he's not working Nathan enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and registering new domain names for his next big idea.

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