Managing Open Source Related Compliance, Security and Operational Risks

Wed., October 21, 2020, 6:00 PM

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Most companies use open source software because it accelerates time to market, reduces development costs and frees up developer resources. However, if open source is left unmanaged, it may pose serious legal, security and operational risks to the business.

BIO: We invite you to attend our seminar to hear Matthew Jacobs, Director, Legal Counsel at Synopsys discuss the rise and challenges of open source reuse and management. He’ll cover:
  • The latest open source software trends
  • The types of open source licenses
  • Why security is an issue for open source
  • How open source impacts an M&A transaction
  • Strategies for managing open source risks


A laptop with a modern browser and good internet connection. Please, take a moment to test your machine, speakers, and microphone. The link below will allow you to do so.

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