Jeremy Daly, AWS Serverless Hero

Tue., June 9, 2020, 6:30 PM

LOCATION: Online Link via Meetup Event Page

Jeremy is the CTO of AlertMe, a startup based in NYC that uses machine learning and natural language processing to help publishers better connect with their readers. He began building cloud-based applications with AWS in 2009, but after discovering Lambda, became a passionate advocate for FaaS and managed services. He now writes extensively about serverless on his blog, and publishes Off-by-none, a weekly newsletter that focuses on all things serverless.

As an active member of the serverless community, Jeremy contributes to a number of open-source serverless projects, and has created several others, including Lambda API, Serverless MySQL, and Lambda Warmer. He is a frequent guest on serverless podcasts and webinars, and a co-organizer of ServerlessDays Boston.

Jeremy has a soft spot for helping people solve problems using serverless, and frequently works with companies and individuals transitioning away from the traditional “server-full” approach. You can find him chatting about serverless on Twitter, in several forums and Slack groups, the Serverless Chats podcast, and at upcoming conferences around the world.

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