Python Hack Night - Hack Portland

Tue., February 18, 2020, 7:00 PM at Big Room Studios, 4 Thompson Point Rd, Suite 201, Portland ME

Python Hack Night is part of the Hack Portland Meetup. We meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month at Big Room Studios and all levels of ‘Pythonistas’ are welcome, from beginners to experts. This is your chance to meet other people that use or develop Python in the area.


We have maybe an hour of agenda followed by Hack Portland's signature hanging out, talking, and having fun with people who get your jokes, no matter how nerdy.

* Welcome
* Python News for the Month
* Introductions
* Monthly Presentation
* Python Jobs
* Upcoming Events


* Build a sustainable, supportive group that values diversity and open practices
* Promote education and discussion to further people’s understanding of Python
* Collaborate on public projects that are open source
* Share opportunities and resources to grow the community


* The Python web site. New projects should use Python 3 for development.
* The Boston Python User Group. With 8K active members, its a vibrant group.
* Python Bytes Podcast. A weekly podcast on Python news.
* Talk Python to Me Podcast. Covers a wide range of Python related projects
* Hack Portland Slack:

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