OpenMaine in Augusta Meetup: Civic Tech in Central Maine

Wed., February 12, 2020, 6:00 PM at Bennett D. Katz Library, 20 Jewett Dr, Augusta, ME

OpenMaine is a group of people who are interested in civic technology projects to benefit the people of Maine. We welcome anyone who has in an interest in identifying, creating, and communicating ideas for connecting Mainers through technology.

Current active projects:
- Maine Ballot ( We need help with content for the March election
- Legislative Scorecard. A site that shows how legislators voted and whether they match with your values. We need help tying bills to value areas, coding, and design.

Meet us in the University of Maine at Augusta's Katz Library. There is a large open section on the first floor of the library with Wifi and power strips to plug in any electronics you want to bring.

Please note that the location is subject to change based on demand. The area in the library can fit 20 comfortably but the space is currently not reserved and we may have to share.

How To Register