Open Agenda - Virtual Meeting

Tue., July 27, 2021, 5:30 PM

LOCATION: Link available after registering at

Calling All Analytics and AI Enthusiasts!

Please note this is a virtual meeting. We will not being meeting in person for the forseeable future.

[See organizer's event page for Zoom link.]

In this meeting we will have a open discussion all about AI.

We are a "working group," so our sessions are not presentations, but group conversations on the subject or practice of the session.

A special focus of these meetings will be in identifying real world use cases that can be solved using these technologies. In some cases perhaps even creating a POC.
Technology is fun, but solving real problems is how we change the world.

If your new to this topic consider reviewing this presentation.

Also consider starting the course "Neural Networks and Deep Learning".
Several members are working through this course and not only does it ground you in fundamentals but also will let you detect if your image is a cat or not a cat (we talk alot about cats).
Other members are working on the Machine Learning on AWS while this is much higher level it enables you to tap into the wide breadth of services that AWS offers.

These meetings are only scheduled for 1 hour which is very short for this topic.

A big thank you to Portland Technology Group and BCM Advisory and UNE for being our host for these meetings.

[Description taken from organizer's event page. Please visit that page for updates.]

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