Everything I wish I knew about AWS Certification

Tue., March 9, 2021, 6:30 PM

LOCATION: Online via Meetup registration


  • What resources are out there, what are there strength and differences?
  • Where are there communities of encouragement of motitivation
  • What is the communities feeling and reception of different AWS Certifications
  • What hacks or strategies can you use to improve your study
  • What kind of outcome should you expect when becoming AWS Certified

About the Presenter:

Andrew Brown (@andrewbrown) is the co-founder of ExamPro, a learning platform designed to help you pass AWS Certification exams. His AWS Certifications video courses are published for free with no ads on freeCodeCamp so that cloud knowledge is accessible to everyone.

Andrew volunteers his time mentoring those looking to switch or start a career in the cloud industry, all you need to do is reach out and send him a message on LinkedIn. He’s also the AWS moderator and a top author for DEV.

Andrew is active in the Toronto developer community and you can meet him in-person at the AWS Toronto User Group, Serverless Toronto User Group, Solutions Architect Toronto User Group, Toronto Data Science & Big Data Meetup, or at Devhub.

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