The SolarWinds Breach: Lessons Learned + Steps to Take Now for Securing Your Organization

Thu., February 18, 2021, 3:30 PM

LOCATION: Online via Zoom

SolarWinds is now forever linked to one of the largest breaches in compute history. The fallout has been substantial, affecting FireEye/Mandiant (among the largest SecOps companies in the world), the DoJ, Microsoft, and Mimecast. The list goes on…It’s clear that malicious activity occurred globally at the hands of foreign principals on a massive stage. But the question is, do you use SolarWinds and if so, did it affect your company? The answer is, if you use it, you were affected. So, what do you do next?

Join GreenPages’ CISO Randy Becker for a review of how the attack was detected, responded to, and the resulting lessons learned. GreenPages will also outline and discuss the steps smart companies should take immediately after suspecting they have been breached. Who do you call? What actions should you take? Where can you turn for the best information? GreenPages will also present tools and tips plus a call to action that the SMMUG community can take back to their organizations with the goal of building a plan to protect against the next attack.

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