ISP and Telecom Providers

Telecom and ISP Providers include all companies that offer telecom services, wireline and wireless internet service including traditional copper, fiber, TVWS (television white space), traditional wireless, and other internet service conduits. May also include wireline telephone and wireless service providers. Some providers of telecom equipment, including PBX systems, VoIP systems and call center equipment may prefer to be listed here.

Companies listed here have either been active with MTUG in the last 3 years, are located in Maine, or would like to do business in Maine and have individually reached out to MTUG requesting a listing. These vendors services may cross over into other industry categories -- expand their profile to show Descriptions, Product / Service Offerings, and more! You may filter this list with the Product/Service checklist below.

Listing in the MTUG Directory is not an endorsement of any company.

Listing in the MTUG Directory is free, subject to approval. Companies must either be active at MTUG's free events or annual conference, or either be located in Maine, or do business in Maine. Companies appoint an individual to be the Company Profile "Editor" -- after registering, and being approved, this person can edit the Company Profile and submit Job Postings for the company. View the Directories parent page for specific instructions for creating a Company Directory Listing.

ISP and Telecom Providers

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